ZZ Raven Black

Dhs. 125.00

Zamioculcas ‘Raven’ also known as ZZ plant is an easy-to-grow houseplant that thrives in just about any indoor setting. Raven ZZ plant features rich purple-black leaves that emerge as a rich green color before they mature. It tolerates inconsistent watering; low, medium, or bright light spots; and holds up well in low humidity.
Black Raven ZZ can live in low to bright, indirect sunlight. They’re the perfect plant to bring life to a dark room or corner.
Your Black Raven ZZ only needs to be watered fortnightly, allowing its soil to completely dry out between waterings to prevent overwatering and root rot. During the winter months feel free to only water your plant once monthly if soil is still moist after 2 weeks.
Black Raven ZZ do not have any particular humidity requirements.

Feed with general houseplant fertiliser every 2 months during the growing season 
The Black Raven ZZ is toxic to both people and animals - keep away from small children and pets.
Additional Care Information:
Black Raven ZZ can easily be propagated in water from a stem and leaf cutting.
  • Brown stalks and yellowing leaves: suggest your Black Raven ZZ has been overwatered. Make sure you allow its soil to fully dry out between waterings.
  • Dry, crispy tips leaf tips: indicates your plant is underwatered or has been scorched by direct sunlight.
Size: 45-50cm, comes in regular nursery pot