Our story started when we were four years old. We lived in different cities but we later found out that we all had the same childhood memories. 

We first got interested in plants when we saw mimosa pudicas scattered around the neighborhood when we were four. Our eyes glowed in amazement when the leaves of the mimosa piducas folded inwards when we touched them. We were born in the 80's so we all experienced playing outside with the neighborhood kids and were curious about every living thing we see.  We would water every plant we see outdoor with our small plastic pails, play with the soil and cut all the gumamelas as we discovered that it can produce bubbles once mixed with soap.

I also remember cutting the leaves of my grandmother's plants, making sure that I destroy more of it than her cat and her dog. Well, those were silly childhood memories we could not forget so being surrounded with plants now in a fast paced and technologically advanced world brings a lot of comfort and calmness in our lives. As millennials, the joy of seeing a new growth in a plant make our hearts full that even though we are so busy with everyday life, nature will always be an inspiration for us. 

Now, allow us to let you inside our online nursery and discover the rewarding experience of plant parenthood as simple and as cool as possible. Creating a lush, relaxing green escape from the brown outdoors does not have to be hard nor a hit and miss affair. 

We aim to provide a complete solution to help your plants thrive, from our simple to understand information on plant types and plant care to help you make the right choices based on your home style and surroundings and of course, your personality.