Xanthosoma Lindenii

Dhs. 120.00

Strong, heart-shaped leaves with a slightly wavy edge and a contrasting pattern: These are the specific characteristics of this coveted rarity!
Due to the dark green color of the stately leaves, the bright drawing that adorns each leaf in the form of curved lines comes into its own. A lovely collector's item for all exotic fans!

Provide her with a warm place in your living space, preferably facing east or west. However, you should avoid placing her in direct sunlight, since otherwise there may be signs of burns on the foliage. The temperature for her to thrive should be at is 18 ° C all year round.

Due to the large leaf mass, Xanthosoma evaporates abundant water. Therefore, the water requirement is enormous, and it must never dry out. However, stagnant moisture leads to root damage and yellow leaves. How often you have to water depends mainly on the room temperature, the amount of sunlight, and the pot's size.

Size: 40cm, comes in regular nursery pot