Maranta Kerchoveana Variegated

Dhs. 85.00

The Maranta Leuconeura var. kerchoveana ‘Variegata’ is known for its striking foliage and no drama personality that it is perfect for beginners who loves to add a little bit of colors to their collection. The oval leaves are a medium green with grey green shading in the middle and two rows of chocolate blotches on each side. Each is flushed with white to yellow spots of variegation.

Maranta Leuconeura var. kerchoveana ‘Variegata’ is known for closing its leaves at night upwards at night as if in prayer. This behaviour is called nyctinasty, and it happens as a response to changes in the sunlight. 

Care Tips:

Light: bright, indirect light

Water: generously in spring/summer, much less in autumn/winter, water should be room temperature

Humidity: Above average

Soil: well draining

Pet Friendly