Syngonium Ice Cream

Dhs. 250.00

A refreshing take on plants, the Syngonium Ice Cream's unique colors stands out perfectly and can be a good accent to your neutral colored or earth tone homes. This rare plant is easy to take care of and great for beginners who wants colorful plants. 

Care Tips

Light: Thrive in bright indirect light, but will tolerate low light environments. However, please note that generally, the more variegation (i.e. coloration on the leaves) your plant has, the more light it will require to survive. Avoid exposing your Syngonium to direct sunlight, which might scorch the leaves,

Water: Water when the top 3 inches of the soil is dry to touch. In the cooler months, you will not need to water your plant as often as during the growing season.

Syngoniums are TOXIC to humans and animals when ingested.