String of Pearls in Face Pot
String of Pearls in Face Pot

String of Pearls in Face Pot

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Senecio Rowleyanus or more popularly known as String of Pearls is a very attractive succulent because of its bead like fronds. 

Although beautiful, it can be a little fussy when it comes to care. It likes its soil on the dryer side as it is very vulnerable to rot and it needs to be in a consistently warm, bright spot.

Care Tips

Light: Bright, Indirect 

Watering: For your watering schedule, since they are drought tolerant, string of pearls prefer to dry out their soil in between each watering. To be sure you’re not overwatering, stick your index finger in the soil and check to see if the top half-inch is dry; only then should you proceed to water it. The little pearl-like leaves hold water and if they are getting the right amount, they’ll stay juicy and bulb-like. Change in shape may indicate over- or under-watering.

Its soil needs to be well-draining, so we suggest using either a succulent potting soil or mixing your own with three parts potting soil and one part sand.

Toxic to pets 

Not recommended for plant beginners.