Senecio Peregrinus 'String of Dolphins'

Dhs. 95.00

Senecio Peregrinus or more popularly known as String of Dolphins are a pod of little jumping Dolphins who decided that its more fun to be a plant 🤭.  You can now take care of dolphins in your homes. Please give them warmth.

Like the String of Pearls, the String of Dolphins may easily get sunburned when exposed to too much sun and prefers a bit more watering, which mostly makes them suffer from being underwatered. Always check their leaves for a sign to help you determine if they lack watering or not.

When you see signs like dull, deflated and dry leaves, that implies that your Dolphin is underwatered. On the other hand, if you see squishy, yellow or transparent leaves, it means your Dolphin is getting more water than needed.

Size: 14cm hanging plastic nursery pot. Plant can grow up to 15in