Rare Alocasia N&S Chantrieri

Dhs. 780.00

The Alocasia Chantrieri is a rare, stunning variety with thick and waxy foliage in a bold, deep green with prominent light green veins a beautiful burgundy underside. 

If you want to keep this Alocasia happy, you should keep it in a very well aerated potting mix that dries out completely between waterings. If you prefer making potting mixes yourself, the best mix would be very light on peat moss, but with addition of sand, perlite and bark.

Alocasia Chantrieri will thrive bright indirect light position. It also requires high humidity levels of at least 60%.  Alocasias are susceptible to root and basal rot infections especially when overwatered.

Alocasia Chantrieri can undergo winter dormancy like other Alocasias. So, during the colder months, you should water it less if it stops growing. Between March and October, fertilize this houseplant regularly and keep in an environment of 18–24 degrees.


This plant comes in a 14 cm nursery pot and is around 45 cm tall.