Phyllanthus Mirabilis

Dhs. 295.00


The Phyllanthus Mirabilis reminds us that nature is truly a gift to us! It is love at first sight! The plant has a thick, tuberous stem out of which grow red-green, veiny leaves that fold up in the dark. 

This plant is perfect for those who love the mysterious looks of a Bonsai, but with colors. 

The Phyllanthus Mirabilis goes through periods of dormancy during the colder months but not to worry as its leaves will be back in spring. Simply put it in a cooler place and water it very sparingly, if at all, until spring when it will start growing again.

Size: about 20 cm tall and comes in a terracotta planter of 15cm in diameter for Small size 

Care Tips:

Light: medium to bright indirect light

Water: once a week. Make sure not to overwater. 

Humidity: average, around 50-60%

Soil: fast-draining potting mix like cactus mix

 Toxic to humans and pets when ingested.