Peperomia Isabelle

Dhs. 125.00

Peperomia ‘Isabella’ Yellow features small-leaved vines that are quite uncommon. It features many small, succulent-type leaves on round, rope-like vines, some shaped like a rose bud, which make it an excellent trailing plant.  This plant is not a succulent, however, and tolerates high humidity well.  

In general, keep in moist soil and moderate to high but preferably indirect lighting for best results.  It spreads well and makes an excellent ground cover, creating a thick mat of foliage.  This variety of Peperomia ‘Isabella’ has a slight yellow-green tinge to it, making it stand out more amongst other greenery.  Each individual vine measures about ½” wide and can reach over 1 foot long, but will also branch off into other vines.