Peperomia Hope

Dhs. 85.00

The first time I saw a Peperomia Hope, I can't stop staring at it. The sprawling little round-shaped foliage is just so attractive, very ornamental. It reminds me of the clean, quiet rural villages in Japan.

The peperomia hope can be treated like succulents as they have thick waxy leaves that retain water but it does not bear any flowers. It has a year-round bloom time and happily grows in different types of conditions. 

Care Tips 

Light and Temperature: Although they dislike the dry air, they grow pretty well in a cool environment. 

The ideal temperature for its robust growth is between 65° and 75° degrees Fahrenheit (18° – 24° C). 

They thrive in a medium to a low light situation. 

For better results, keep them away from the direct sunlight. 

You may grow them under fluorescent lighting or other forms of bright indirect light as well. 

Water: During the growing season, make sure to keep the soil moist. However, you don’t want the soil to be soggy. 

Pet Friendly