Not Another Jungle: Comprehensive Care for Extraordinary Houseplants Hardcover

Dhs. 125.00

Obsessed with houseplants? You’ve come to the right place.

This isn’t any ordinary houseplant book. In fact, there is nothing ordinary about these extraordinary plants. From growing his own collection, Tony Le-Britton of 
Not Another Jungle, shows you how to grow and care for the world’s most sought after plants.

Detailed chapters on light, water, humidity, fertilizer, variegation, propagation, and pests and diseases have you covered so you can confidently care for all your houseplants. Understanding their natural habitats empowers you to create the optimum environment in your own home so your plants will thrive. Combining detailed care advice and stunning imagery on a wide range of plants, including Monstera and Anthurium, with a special focus on desirable and unusual varieties

If you’re intent on becoming a devoted plant parent this year, dive straight in to discover:

- Step-by-step advice on everything you need to know to grow and care for houseplants.
- Information on variegated plant varieties for which there is currently huge interest.
- Stunning inspirational and step-by-step photography.
- Illustrations explain scientific information on plant anatomy.
- Explains how to source plants sustainably

All the plants featured are available internationally and can be acquired by US readers (many plants have their origins in South America or Asia). Wonder at the natural world with 
Not Another Jungle and curate and care for your own incredible collection of happy, healthy houseplants.