Nepenthes Hanging 'Monkey Jar'

Dhs. 150.00

A carnivorous tropical plant with large upright pitchers, the Nephentes or more popularly known as Monkey Jar plant or pitcher plant is a unique addition to your plant The caps or pitchers can collect numerous insects that it attracts with its unique nectar and converts those digested insects into fertilizer. Excellent inside your home, very easy and forgiving. It is a vining plant and will do well by the window sill. 

Ensure that the soil is always kept moist. The pitchers should always have some water in them, so it is good to get some water in them while you're showering your plant, just make sure they are no more than 50% full of water. Failure to produce pitchers indicates that the plant isn't receiving adequate light, humidity, or water issues.

Pet Friendly