Monstera Albo - XS

Dhs. 550.00

This gorgeous plant is a dream plant for every plant lover.

To meet the Monstera Albo light requirements, place the plant in an area where it can receive an ample amount of filtered light.

You can also have the plant grow near a bright window as long as there’s a curtain to act as a filter when the light becomes too intense. It’s important to choose a strategic location so that the sun doesn’t shine directly on the leaves. The trick with Monstera Albo Variegata light needs is avoiding full sun exposure.


Being a little hardy than most ornamental plants, the Monstera Albo watering is typically done when the top inch of the soil dries out. Note that this stunning beauty will do much better in drier soil than in wet, soggy soil. 

Avoid overwatering at all costs and water the Albo plant thoroughly but not frequently. Overwatering can cause root rot and may damage the root system over time. This is in fact the leading cause of wilting and premature senescence of the leaves.

Pro tip: Always check the soil’s wetness first as this will determine the watering needs of the plant. 

Size: 40cm, comes in nursery pot