Macodes Petola

Dhs. 150.00


The Macodes Petola is one of the most unique plants you will see in your life. The TINY leaves look like it has been struck by lightning and entered its DNA. They love the high temperatures and humidities that a terrarium can provide, though they can be grown indoors with the right approach.

Care Tips

Light: Bright, indirect. If the plant shows signs of stress, move to a shadier area. 

Water: Keep the soil evenly moist but not wet. Do not let it dry out completely. They will say goodbye. 

Soil: Light, and airy mixes are preferable to heavy substrates to allow airflow to the roots. I prefer coco coir and/or spaghnum moss bases with heavy orchid bark or perlite/vermiculite supplementation.

High Humidity 

This jewel orchid species is a relatively slow grower and should stay compact well into maturity.

Pot Size: 5cm