Ludisia Discolor 'Jewel Orchid'

Dhs. 120.00

Ludisia Discolor Alba is easy to grow given you provide it with even moisture all year round and right potting mix. If your Jewel Orchid starts dropping leaves, it means you have been under-watering it. Don’t start watering it more right away! Instead slowly increase watering over time.This plant is a terrestrial orchid, meaning it creeps on land, therefore it can grow in a shallow wide pot.

Ludisia is a good introduction plant into Jewel Orchid world. It is more draught tolerant than other Orchids, however you should not let it dry out completely.

Care Tips:

Light: medium light, part shade

Water: keep evenly moist throughout the year

Potting: wide and shallow container

Soil: Bark (20%) + Sphagnum Moss (50%) + Perlite (30%)

Great news, Ludisia Discolor is not toxic to pets or humans.