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Hoya Carnosa Krinkle 8 is a climbing hoya native to northern Australia. Its thick, puckered and folded slightly inward leaves are looking almost like a cross between the standard carnosa and another famous cultivar, the Hindu rope. It’s climbing nature means that this plant, with time, can fill a room with succulent leaves and a range of colours.

Hoya Carnosa Krinkle 8 is very easy to care for as long as you keep it in a bright spot and are careful with water. Like many other types of Hoya’s, this species is epiphytic in its natural habitat, which means it’s actually an air plant with crinkly succulent leaves.

The plant is approximately 20cm long and it comes in a plastic nursery pot 14cm.

Soil: Lightweight, fast-draining potting mix

Light: bright indirect

Humidity: 40%-60%

Repotting: Hoya’s like to be pot bound, they need to be repotted very seldom

Please note: Hoya won’t flower unless it receives very bright indirect sunlight. A south-facing window would be ideal, although eastern and western exposures may also work if they are bright enough. This plant will even tolerate a little direct sunlight.

Hoya’s are not toxic to humans or animals when ingested.