Hoya Kerrii 'Sweetheart Plant'

Dhs. 125.00

Hoya Kerii variegated, also goes by the name sweetheart plant, is a draping succulent vine that produces clusters of star-shaped waxy flowers. The thick heart-shaped leaves of kerii are why it’s often called Sweetheart. This Hoya can be found in solid green or with variegated leaves.

Hoya Kerii variegated a is very easy to care for plant as long as you have plenty of light and water sparingly. These plants like to be pot-bound therefore we suggest not to repot it often. It will flower only when given enough light. Flowers are known to be quite fragrant.

Care Tips:

Soil: Lightweight, fast-draining potting mix

Light: bright indirect, even tolerates direct sun 

Humidity: 40%-60%

Repotting: Hoya’s like to be pot bound, they need to be repotted very seldom

Pet Friendly 🐶😻