Hoya Flamingo Dream

Dhs. 110.00

A stark contrast to your world of green hoyas, the Hoya Flamingo dream have bright fuschia pink and green leaves white white lining. 

Light: Bright, indirect light, with some direct light in the mornings or evenings

Water: Water thoroughly and often, but do allow to dry out a little between watering. Water more when coming into bloom, as this will prolong the flowers

Soil/Nutrition: Well-draining houseplant potting mix with good aeration, feed monthly in spring and summer

Humidity: Will benefit from increased humidity, so mist regularly or group with other plants. Also excellent bathroom or kitchen plant

Pruning and propagation: Remove damaged leaves or leggy stems, and keep leaves clean and dust free by wiping with a damp cloth. Propagate via stem cuttings

Experience Level: Beginner

Pet friendly 🐶🐱