Hoya Australis

Dhs. 100.00

Hoya Australis is, as the name suggests, an Australia-native that is happy as a hanging plant or crawling on a trellis. Hoyas Australis has waxy, shiny leaves but what really sets this particular Hoya apart is its ability to produce unusually fragrant flowers!

Hoya Australis like all members of the Hoya family are very kind to their owners, requiring less frequent watering and attention than most tropical indoor plants. They prefer not to have wet feet, so must be kept in a well draining potting mix, preferably a Hoya specific mix.

Additionally, Hoya do not need to be re-potted often as they actually prefer to be pot bound due to their epiphytic nature. Give them a warm, bright and medium-humidity environment and your Hoya will give your years of love in return!

The plant comes in a plastic nursery pot. 

Soil: Lightweight, fast-draining potting mix

Light: Bright, indirect sunlight

Humidity: 40%-60%

Repotting: Hoya’s like to be pot bound

Please note: Hoya won’t flower unless it receives very bright, indirect sunlight. A south-facing window would be ideal, although eastern and western exposures may also work if they are bright enough. This plant will even tolerate a little direct sunlight.

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Hoya’s are non toxic to humans or animals if ingested, so this is the perfect plant for pet owners!