Howea Forsteriana 'Kentia Palm'

Dhs. 450.00


Standing tall, the Kentia Palm is known for its lush fans of foliage and tropical island vibes. An excellent air purifier, this popular houseplant is a slow grower that blossoms new fronds from the center of its narrow trunk. Though the Kentia Palm is a relatively easy plant to care for, it does require a certain set of conditions to thrive. 

Care Tips:

Light: Medium to bright indirect, will scorch in direct sun

Water: Keep the soil slightly moist, regularly mist to boost humidity levels

 Growth:  slow grower. Fertilize using a diluted or time-release dose just two to three times a year 

Common Problems

Yellow Leaves - Overwatered 

Cause - too much water, potential root rot

Remedy - Allow the soil to air out (aeration could help for minor cases) or change the soil entirely to reduce the risk of root rot. You may cut the yellow leaves off at the base.

Brown Tips - Underwatered 

Cause - most likely underwatering, but could also be a result of too much fertilizer

Remedy - Be sure to keep a consistent watering schedule to ensure the plant’s soil does not dry out too much between waterings. You may also mist the plant weekly to boost moisture levels, and make sure it is not placed near any air vents, heaters, or air conditioners.

Heavily Drooping Leaves - Overwatering or Underwatering 

Symptom - fronds drooping more so than usual 

Cause - overwatering or underwatering

Remedy - Depending on your watering schedule, this could be either! If you suspect it’s underwatering, take your plant out of its decorative pot and place outside or in a bathtub or shower to give it a deeper watering, allowing all the roots to drink evenly. For overwatering, follow the instructions above.

Size: 120cm-150cm, comes in regular nursery pot

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