Ficus Audrey

Dhs. 850.00


Ficus Audrey is Fiddle Leaf Fig's fashionable cousin. Its broad, viny leaves look very attractive and it gives a modern, minimal vibe. This tree is also perfect for beginners as it is very easy to care for. 

The Ficus Audrey plant comes from a warm, humid climate, so it's best to try and mimic that to make it feel at home in your home. 

Care Tips

Light: Bright, indirect light. Avoid direct sun 

Water: Let the soil dry out between watering. When the leaves fall off, it means you are underwatering. When the leaves turn yellow, you are overwatering. Always be sure to check the soil to see if your plant needs watered or not. If the soil stays wet all the time, that can lead to root rot, which will kill your plant.

Size: 70cm-140cm, comes in regular nursery pot