Euphorbia Ingens

Dhs. 1,250.00

Imagine an old Lamborghini, a small gas station, and the desert. The Euphorbia Ingens makes us want to go back to the 50's, the golden years. It also reminds me of nachos, tortillas, and Mexican hats.

Your garden or balcony is waiting for it! 

As an indoor plant, it perfect for a retro-style home, boho interiors, and for the minimalists. 

Care Tips:

Euphorbia ingens can survive long droughts. In fact, it is more of a desert plant.

Therefore, it is advisable to limit watering to once every two weeks. As the temperature starts to drop in the second half of the year, reduce watering to once a month. Similarly, these plants do not require feeding very often. 

This succulent tree Euphorbia prefers well-draining dry soil. The best mix of soil for these plants includes two parts coarse sand, one part peat moss, and one part loam. Don’t forget to add a handful or two of small gravel to encourage drainage.

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Size: 120cm, comes in regular nursery pot.