Euphorbia Accruensis Cactus

Dhs. 850.00

A stunning cactus that matches any interior style, the Euphorbia Acruensis have slender ribbed stems that looks like a chandelier. A draught tolerant plant, make sure the soil is completely dry before watering. They do not like to sit in water or even a moist soil. 

Though we all think that cactuses should be under heavy sun, they survive under shade as long as the area is bright. As it grows taller, it may slant a little bit toward the direction it is getting the most sun. You can rotate it to make sure all sides receive ample light.  

This cactus comes in different shapes. Every pot is different. Nature. 

There is no perfect cactus. Expect markings from a flower that grew from it or some scratches from other cactus growing beside it. We would appreciate if you will understand that there are no perfect plants.