Epipremnum Aureum 'Pothos n'JOY

Dhs. 45.00


This vining indoor houseplant is common houseplant  This plant is easy care and low-light tolerant, and makes a terrific beginner plant or gift.


nJoy is a pothos with variegated leaves, just like the name you will start n-joying the plant as it grows. The tender leaves are fresh and are appealing, this plant unlike other pothos is not a fast grower, the color combination of  so magnificent that you cannot move your eyes away from the plant.

Care Tips:



They love bright indirect light and no harm if exposed to morning sun but make sure that the plant is not exposed to harsh sun light as this may burn the leaves. I suggest any place that is bright is good for this plant.


This plant does not like over watering and even does not like moist soil, so water the plant once the top layer is completely dry. Over watering may cause root rot which is a serious problem to deal with. So avoid excess watering.


Fertilizing the plant with a liquid fertilizer once in 15-20 days will keep the plant fresh and healthy occasionally treating the plant with Epsom salt is also welcome 

Do NOT repot it upon receipt.

This plant is toxic if ingested.  Keep away from pets and small children.  It may also cause skin irritation.

Size: 12cm pot