Epiphyllum Anguliger (Fishbone Cactus)

Dhs. 150.00

Epiphyllum Anguliger syn Disocactus Anguliger, aka Fishbone Cactus is an epiphytic cactus with smooth, green skin and extensively branched stems native to Mexico. It goes by many common names like zig zag cactus, rick rack orchid cactus or moon cactus.

Epiphyllum Anguliger has deeply lobed leaves that are 3-5cm wide and up to 30-45 cm long. If the conditions are good, this cactus also produces nocturnal, sweetly scented flowers. Primary stems are often woody while secondary stems are flat and succulent. It’s a very unusual cactus that grows on other plants and in situations where there isn’t much soil available.

When grown indoors, it is important to keep it humid and warm during growing/flowering season.

Size: H 30-45cm and comes in 14cm D hanging plastic pot. 

Care Tips:

Light: partial shade, no direct sunlight

Water: let it dry out between waterings, drought tolerant (every 2 weeks bottom watering)

Soil: well draining cactus potting mix

Fishbone cactus is not toxic to humans or animals.