Dhs. 55.00

Care Tips

Light: Partial to Full sun; however, avoid direct sunlight especially during summer 

Soil: Echeveria require excellent drainage, so choose or make a potting mix that provides it. A store-bought potting mix labeled for cacti and succulents will work well, or you can use an all-purpose potting mix and add coarse sand and/or aquarium gravel to lighten it and enhance drainage.

Watering: Let the soil dry completely, then thoroughly wet it. Let it dry completely before you water again. Be careful to aim the water at the soil surface rather than pouring it over the echeveria leaves; if water becomes trapped in the rosette, problems could ensue. This can also be avoided by watering from below: that is, standing the pot in a shallow container of water until the surface of the soil is wet. (The water will soak into the soil via the pot’s drainage holes or through the sides of the pot if it is made of porous clay)

Size: 12cm