Dracaena Song of India

Dhs. 55.00

The Dracaena song of India leaves looks like they are dancing gracefully to a very relaxing song. The yellow and green colors are like rays of sunshine. This easy to care plant is perfect if you want to add colors to your home. 

Care Tips

Light: Song of India needs bright, indirect light. Intense, direct sun will unfortunately burn the leaves and low light will cause the plant’s  yellow-lime striped vibrancy to fade and the plant to turn spindly. Mild morning sun can be an option.

Soil: Plant in quick-draining soil to prevent root rot or overwatering. 

Water: Like all dracaenas, reflexa likes to live on the dry side which means let about half of the top soil dry out before giving it a drink. If your potting soil seems too heavy, add some sand to the mix