Dieffenbachia Reeva

Dhs. 75.00

A stunning cultivar in the arum family, Araceae. It has large, showy foliage with bold green patterning, a range of green shades form a mosaic-like pattern across the leaves, interspersed with pure white speckles, creating a beautiful camouflage-like appearance. This highly decorative cultivar is a popular houseplant, it is tender and thus needs to be grown indoors or under glass in temperate regions.

Care Tips: 

Light: Prefers Bright, Indirect light, but can tolerate low light conditions. 

Water: Water thoroughly and then allow the surface of the soil to dry to the touch.

Soil: Maintain soil on the dry side. Drench soil thoroughly, then allow it to become moderately dry before watering again.

Humidity: They appreciate some humidity, as a lack of moisture in the air may cause their large leaves to dry and shrivel.

Temperature: Always protect dieffenbachias from cold and major changes in temperature. 

Size: 60-65cm