Philodendron Mamei

Dhs. 185.00

Once you see the Philodendron Mamei, you will immediately think that she is part of Plant Royalty. The heart-shaped leaves with silver variegation are really beautiful and ridged. The plant is like saying she loves you everyday :) The petiole is ruffled and reddish at the base of the leaf and the veins run deep throughout the leaf surface, making them look pleated.. A low-maintenance plant, beginners who would like to take the next step to their plant journey will adore this plant. 

Care Tips

Light: Bright, indirect 

Water: Keep the soil moist but not soggy wet. Wet and soggy soil can suffocate the roots. This results in issues like fungus, pest attacks, and root rot. Thus, make sure you strictly avoid over-watering. The watering frequency is variable and mainly depends upon temperature, sunlight, and humidity. 

Add perlite to the soil for better drainage. 

Toxic to humans and pets when ingested. 

Size: 50cm, comes in regular nursery pot