Cocos Nucifera

Dhs. 250.00

Simple, yet a head turner. I remember seeing this plant in one of the houses I have visited and I was starstruck as to how it added flair to the place. It suits a lot of interior styles, from boho to contemporary, industrial to retro. It takes you to one part of the world which is always a privilege to go to because of hectic schedules, the tropical islands. 

It is characterized by a tall, gray-brown, slightly curved single trunk, sprawling green palm fronds, and, of course, coconuts. It also loves lots of warmth, sun, and humidity. 

You can place this at your doorstep, welcoming you back home everyday or when indoors, in a bright, warm and humid location. 

Care Tips

Light: Bright, direct 

Water: Keep the soil consistently moist 

Size: 140-160cm, comes in regular nursery pot

Soil: well draining soil mix 

Pet Friendly 

Size: 170cm, comes in regular nursery pot