Cissus Discolor

Dhs. 85.00


Exotic and beautiful. The Cissus Discolor has dark-green shiny leaves with pearlescent silvery markings and red undersides that look mesmerizingly beautiful. Moreover, in ideal conditions; the veins get a burgundy to purple color that bleeds out in the leaf. Additionally, the stems also increase the beauty of the plant with a prominent reddish shade. You have been waiting for this plant to invade your home. We know. 

Care Tips 

Light: bright, indirect 

Water: Keep the soil moist but less during the colder season 

Temperature: The optimum temperature range for the plant is between 15 to 30 °C. These plants usually love the warmth. 

Humidity: usually like a humid environment. Ideally, there should be more than 60% moisture in the air. On dry days, consider providing adequate moisture by the humidifier, misting, or adding a pebble-water tray under the pot.