Caladium Florida Sweetheart

Dhs. 65.00

A total eye candy! 

The Caladium Sweetheart must be kept well watered with moist soil at all times. They prefer a bright space with no direct sunlight. During the colder season, the plant might go dormant and slowly die back to tubers. The tutor should be stored in a dark, dry space over winter and watered at the beginning of spring for the next season's show. In highly ideal environments Caladium can be kept active year long.

This item is sold as fully grown plant in pot 12cm and about 35cm tall.

Care Tips:

Light: bright indirect light

Water: keep moist but not soggy wet

Soil: well draining potting mix

This plant is toxic to animals and humans if ingested

Size: 25cm, comes in regular nursery pot