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Light: Bougainvillea plants are lovers of sunlight and need full daily exposure in order to thrive. Because of this, many growers choose to move their potted bougainvillea outdoors during the summer months in order to ensure it gets enough rays. The color saturation of your bougainvillea relates to how much sunlight it gets—more light equals brighter hues.

Soil: When it comes to soil, bougainvillea plants thrive in a moist but well-drained potting mix that's slightly acidic (between a 5.5 and 6.0 pH level). Top your mixture with compost to ensure a rich, nutritious soil, and opt for a pot with at least one drainage hole in the base to lower the risk of root rot.

Temperature: Bougainvillea is a relatively hardy plant, able to withstand a range of temperatures, from tropical highs of 26 degrees Celcius and above.

Fertilizer: Bougainvillea requires a lot of nutrition to produce blooms throughout the season, especially indoors (where almost all plants are less likely to bloom as frequently). For the best chance at a successfully full plant, feed your bougainvillea every seven to ten days using a weak liquid fertilizer. There are several fertilizer blends specifically geared toward bougainvillea on the market, but one formulated for other tropical plants, like hibiscus, can work too.

While not dangerously toxic, the sap of bougainvillea is known to cause a mild reaction in both pets and children if ingested in large enough quantities. In addition, the plant possesses sharp thorns throughout its shrubbery, which can cause scratches or skin irritation.

Size: 85 cm

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