Begonia Corallina Pink

Dhs. 150.00

So you are now the master in growing pothos and your philodendrons are sprouting leaves happily. You’re feeling pretty good about your green thumb abilities and you’re looking for a bit of a  challenge—but, you know, nothing too challenging. It’s time for one of the prettiest plants you will see in your life, the Begonias. 

Begonias are some of the most beautiful, visually interesting plants you can grow indoors. However, they can be a bit picky about light and water, though not overly delicate, making them a great intermediate-level plant project. 

Care Tips

Light:  Very Bright, indirect

Water: This is a hit or miss thing but we'd suggest keeping the soil always moist but NOT wet

Humidity: high 

Toxic to pets when ingested. Though the leaves cannot really irritate, the pet might be too playful and aim for the insides