Begonia Benigo Pink

Dhs. 90.00

Begonia Benigo Pink, also known as Pink Polka Dot Begonia, is astoundingly beautiful. Its dramatic dark green leaves and bright silver-pink dots that resemble an angel's wings looks like the angels had a wine party. The bottom of the leaf is dark red which all the more makes the begonia benigo look unreal. It also produces cute pink flowers in clusters.

Begonia Benigo can grow up to 1.5m in height and produces flowers from late winter throughout spring. Great to have blooms during winter right?

Begonia is highly susceptible to root rot, therefore you should always be careful to not overwater it. Also, when watering it, pour water directly onto the soil, ensuring the leaves remain dry.

The plant is approximately 15cm tall and it comes in a 12cm plastic nursery pot. 

Care Tips:

Light: bright, indirect light

Water: keep the soil moist but not soggy wet

Humidity: average

Soil: soil-less, acidic

This plant is toxic to animals if ingested.

Warning: one is not enough