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The Beaucarnea is a unique plant that looks it is one happy family, father, mother and child. It is fantastic to look at and easy to care for. 

The name is a combination of Beau (beautiful) and carneia, an Ancient Greek harvest festival that’s celebrated under various names throughout Europe. Although many will think the Beaucarnea is a palm, it is actually part of the aspargus family. 

It is a good find for those who love unique pieces in their homes. 

Care Tips

Light: Bright, indirect light. They can handle a few hours of sun. 

Water: Water every week or every two weeks but can go as long as four weeks before needing a drink. Before watering, poke your finger into the soil and make sure it’s dry to at least 1″ deep. When you water thoroughly soak the soil and let any excess water drain out.

Size: 110cm, comes in regular nursery pot