Areca Palm

Dhs. 229.00


Areca Palms are the toxin-filtering tropical houseplants your home needsIf you’re looking to add a tropical vibe to your home, nothing beats a palm plant. It features feathery, arching fronds, each with up to 100 leaflets. These big, bold plants command attention. Areca palm is one of the few palms that can tolerate trimming without serious harm, making it possible to keep mature plants indoors for their full lifespan of up to 10 years. They are also non-toxic to both dogs and cats.

Sizes:  This lovely plant is usually 100 -120cm in height.  Send us a message if you prefer a palm taller than this! 

Care Tips:

Light: Require bright and indirect sunlight as direct sunlight may burn the leaves.

Water: Allow the top of the soil to dry out between waterings, and water less often during the colder months (December-February).

Soil:  A peat-based potting mix with lots of material for drainage is perfect.

Fertilizer: You can feed it a diluted water-soluble fertilizer monthly during the spring and summer growing season.

 Areca Palm is from Holland.

All sizes comes in regular nursery pot