Rare Anthurium Warocqueanum 'Queen Anthurium'

Dhs. 850.00

The Anthurium Warocqueanum is a stunning tropical plant with magnificent foliage. Also known as Queen Anthurium, with just one look, you can defintely tell why its called The Queen. 


Its velvety leaves can grow over 1 m in length (4-6 feet) when the plant reaches maturity. The leaves range from dark green to lighter green, and the veins can be more or less pronounced. The silvery white veins usually get more pronounced as the plant matures.

Potting Medium

Soil Mix: Use a combination of orchid bark, charcoal, coarse perlite, coco chips, a bit of coco coir, and some worm castings. 

Spagnum moss - The queen anthurium warocqueanum loves moss! If you grow it in sphagnum moss, it will grow roots quickly.


Lechuza Pon 

Humidity: You can successfully grow the queen anthurium in average humidity if you first acclimatize it properly. And then adjust your watering accordingly. In lower humidity levels, your queen anthurium will transpire faster, so you’ll have to water it more frequently.

Watering: Estimate when it needs watering. There is no schedule to follow 

Size: 40cm, comes in regular nursery pot size 12