Anthurium Silver Blush

Dhs. 120.00

The leaves of Anthurium Crystallinum Silver Blush have dark green coloration with a velvety appearance. The leaf veins are silver green along the major veins with the abaxial (lower) surface a much paler green than the top of the blade. New leaf blades as well as the undersides of the adult leaf and petiole are sometimes tinged red-violet.

Care Tips

Light : medium to bright indirect light.

Water: keep the soil moist 

Humidity: While glossy-leafed Anthurium will do well in moderate humidity, Anthurium with velvety leaves generally require higher humidity of at least 70%. Most corrugated Anthurium only thrive from 80%+.

Soil: Anthurium will do well in a very loose, aerate mix . You can also grow them in soil-less substrates such as sphagnum moss or semi-hydroponics.