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Zen is the first word that comes into my mind when I see a  Ficus bonsai. It is like a mini tree that you can grow indoors or in your garden. It symbolizes wealth and prosperity which many consider it as a lucky plant. 


Bright, direct 


Ginseng Ficus trees do well in a soil mix that is sixty percent aggregate and forty percent organic matter. You can buy a premix or make your own using pine bark or a lava rock which holds water and slowly breaks down over time.


Water your Ginseng Ficus thoroughly whenever the soil gets slightly dry. Misting the plant daily is a good idea, but do not water to the point where the Bonsai is dripping, or else fungal issues can occur. If your plant is in an especially warm environment more frequent watering will be needed.

Size - 30cm, comes in regular nursery pot 

Pot sold separately