Anthurium Clarinervium

Dhs. 350.00

Thick, green, heart-shaped & leather-like leaves with bright colored veins. Just AMAZING. Reminded me of why I love plants, the mysteriousness, and all its glory.  Nature always has a way of speaking to us, calming our souls, and gives us the simplest joy life can offer.

It’s a spectacular plant from Araceae family, endemic to Mexico which grows naturally as an epiphyte. That being said, your Anthurium will be happiest grown in soil-less medium, for example, an orchid mix.

Although Anthurium Clarinervium produces a flower, it is a rather unexciting one. (well, at least something is not so exciting about it). Plant Studio recommends cutting it off so that the plant can focus its energy on producing new growth.

This plant comes in two sizes:

Plant is in a plastic pot size 15cm and is about 35-40 cm tall from the top of the planter. 

Care Tips:

Light: bright indirect light, no direct sunlight 

Water: keep the potting mix moist during growing season, let dry out in winter

Humidity: above average

Soil: best of grown in soil less medium like bark or moss

Propagation: can be grown from seed

Warning: Do not scream too much like me after receiving the plant and do not take 1000 photos.