Philodendron Pink Princess

Dhs. 350.00

Philodendron Pink Princess is a stunning rare species from the tropical rain forests of South America. It’s a climbing aroid with dark leaves and light pink variegated splashes. The plant deserves its name. It does look like a fairy tale come true. 

When provided good lighting the plant should eventually produce darker foliage with darker shades of pink as it matures. Please remember, that no direct sunlight should touch the plant’s leaves. If the plant will get too much light, the leaves will begin to turn yellow. 

Size: 30 cm 

Care Tips:

Water: allow top 3cm of soil to dry out between waterings. Do not overwater it!

Light: Bright, indirect sunlight

Humidity: average

Soil: well draining potting mix

Please send us a message on Instagram before purchasing.  The plant in the photo may not be available. Photos of the available Philodendron can be sent to you.  

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