Monstera Dubia 50cm

Dhs. 250.00


The Monstera Dubia is one of the most sought-after monsteras known for its beautiful silver and green variegated leaves and the wood it climbs on which makes it really attractive. 

Young Monstera Dubia plants start with 5 to 7 cm leaves that have silver variegation, but when allowed to climb, the maturing foliage can grow 30 to 38 cm in diameter with the iconic split-leaf appearance, similar to that of a Monstera Deliciosa. Although the mature foliage loses the silver markings it's definitely beautiful nevertheless.

Size: each plant is mounted on a piece of wood and about 50cmcm long and comes in a 14cm nursery pot. 

Care Tips:

Light: bright indirect light, no direct sunlight

Watering: water when top 3cm of soil are dry to touch

Soil: well draining potting mix 

Warning: this plant is toxic to humans and animals if ingested.