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Brown and Yellow, Brown and Yellow

Being a new plant parent raises a lot of questions. Here is a quick and easy guide to answer the most common questions you have and will help you into your being a plant parent journey.  Why are my leaves drooping? Droopy leaves are often caused by underwatering. Feel the soil of your plant, when the surface is dry to the touch your plant is ready for a drink. If the soil is moist and the leaves are drooping, then the issue may be too much water, not enough light, or cold temperatures. My plant is developing brown tips on the leaves, what’s going on? Browning tips can be caused by uneven watering. Make sure that your plant gets watered regularly....

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3 Tips To Pick the Best Trees for Your Yard

Are you looking forward to beautifying your yard? Are you confused about which trees you should choose to plant? Well, with the help of a few simple strategies you can choose the best trees to plant in your yard. The right kind of plant in a proper area actually makes the place look even more beautiful and attractive. These little changes can actually add to the value of your property. There are several tips that you can use to choose the best trees for your yard area at home, whether you are searching for UAE plants and trees, or somewhere else. Go through a few of them explained below for you to have a look at: 1. Enough space for...

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Understanding Light Requirements for your House Plants

Our basic needs as humans are food, water and shelter. Light is to plants as what food is to humans. They depend on light to thrive.  Knowing your plant's light prerequisite is fundamental. While choosing your indoor plants, you should already have an idea where the plants will be placed before you bring it into your home. If you look at all the Care Tips or Care Manuals all over the internet, it will say low light, medium light, bright light but will always leave you confused as to what exactly these mean. Yes, what?There is no straightforward response to this inquiry. The most ideal approach to decide how much light a given space gives is to get a light meter and measure the foot candles....

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Did I Just Overwater My Plant?

One of the greatest challenges an indoor plant can ever encounter is overwatering. It Kills! What is Overwatering? Overwatering simply refers to drowning your plants. The soil has been wet for too long, caused by your plant not having enough sunlight for the soil to dry out properly between watering. If there is too much water, there are not enough air pockets and this results in a limited oxygen supply and plants are not able to breathe. Signs of Overwatering 1. Yellow patches 2. Soft, Squishy, moldy stems 3. Brown Edges form when leaves take in too much water and their cells become oversaturated and burst. Regrettably, dark spots on leaves can also be a sign of underwatering. 4. The soil is...

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Do's and Don'ts | 6 Steps to New Indoor Plant Success

Plants, like humans, are all unique. Some likes to sit by the window adoring the sunlight and watching birds as they fly by and some put on their sunglasses and just want to be left alone in one corner. While there are plants who loves to drink water often, there are also some who don't. There are also plants who thrive in your kitchen and bathroom corners and some in your bedroom purifying the air and helps you fall asleep. Their popularity came as no surprise as more and more people have invested a lot of time and effort into house plants. The joy of seeing an adorable plant grow right before your eyes is more than magic. Receiving Your...

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