Have you ever killed a plant and swore to never have plants again but still end up buying another plant? Try and Try Until You Succeed, the famous motto we all  learned in Elementary, is what's keeping you to challenge yourself and be out of the most wanted plant serial killer list. 

What do I really need to know about Indoor Plants? 


Each plant came from a different origin so the environment they are used to and the environment they grow can be inevitably different. Therefore, it is important to make an effort to create a suitable environment similar to their origin.  

Discovering the Problem and How to Avoid It 

People often usually think about the watering cycle and often overlook the root rot caused by sunlight, temperature, excessive moisture and ventilation.


Plants do not have a fixed watering cycle. A plant grown in a corner of a room is different from a plant grown by the window, even if it is the same plant. The watering cycles in summer and the colder season are different. 

Plants do not have a fixed watering cycle. What that means is that the watering cycle of plants grown in the corner of a room is different from plants grown by a window, even if they are the same plant. In addition, the watering cycles in summer and winter are different, and the watering cycles are different on sunny days and rainy days, so it is best to check whether the plant you want to grow is a water-loving plant or a dry environment-loving plant. need. The recommended method for the watering cycle is to check whether the outer soil is dry or the inner soil is dry, water it, and spray it frequently for plants that are sensitive to humidity, or throw away the stagnant water that has flowed out of the water tray right away. It is the diligence that keeps it from rotting. If you can be a little diligent for your plants, you will be less likely to overwater and dry out.


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It is good to check frequently to see if there are any pests, and if there are pests, you should buy a medicine such as Neem Oil and spray it. Occasional supplementation is also a good way to support healthy plant growth.


Other Factors

When growing plants, people usually only think about the watering cycle, and often overlook the root rot caused by temperature, sunlight, ventilation, and excessive moisture. You can watch your companion plants grow next to you by providing frequent ventilation along with temperature, sunlight, and the amount of water each plant likes.   


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