Monstera Deliciosa Variegata 'Albo Small

Dhs. 1,500.00


The ever-coveted Variegated Monstera! Imagine a pretty lady walking by and all heads turn. That's her. The foliage is just so amazingly stunning.

Care Tips

Light: Variegated plants need a little more sunlight to survive since they have less chlorophyll than regular Monstera varieties. With less chlorophyll, they have to work extra hard to create the energy they need to survive. Keeping your Variegated Monstera in a bright indirect spot will ensure your plant is getting all it needs to stay healthy and grow extra lush and full. Definitely do not take its need for more light as a sign that it will like direct sunlight, though... this is a sure way to scorch their leaves. BRIGHT INDIRECT ALL THE WAY.

Water: evenly moist, but not constantly saturated

Changing the leaf coloration: If the new growth becomes too "white" for your tastes, you may be able to encourage more green coloration in future leaves by reducing the light intensity (it may take 2 or 3 leaves for changes to appear).  Conversely, if the leaves become too green for you, increasing the light intensity may encourage more white in future leaves.  Note that greening of the leaves may also occur in cool conditions.  Be patient whenever trying to change the leaf coloration by changing light levels.

Supporting your plant: It will eventually want something to climb on, like a trellis, wires, or a wall.  While the plant is young, you may tie it to a plant totem or a piece of wood.  As it grows, it holds on by using its long, dangling aerial roots, which adhere very strongly and may damage surfaces if removed.  Keep this in mind when choosing a permanent spot for it.  You may cut off the aerial roots if you wish. 

Toxic to humans and pets. 

Size: 55cm comes in regular nursery pot