Hoya Carnosa Krimson Queen 120cm

Hoya Carnosa Krimson Queen 120cm

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Hoya Carnosa Krimson Queen is a draping succulent vine that produces clusters of star-shaped waxy flowers. Krimson Queen has green leaves with variegated borders. The variegation can be from white/cream to yellowish to pink depending upon the growing conditions. 

Keep it in a bright spot and be careful not to overwater. Like many other types of Hoya’s, this specie is epiphytic in its natural habitat, which means it’s actually an air plant with crinkly succulent leaves.

Soil: Lightweight, fast-draining potting mix

Light: bright indirect

Humidity: 40%-60%

Hoya Carnosa Krimson Queen won’t flower unless it receives very bright indirect sunlight. A south-facing window would be ideal, although eastern and western exposures may also work if they are bright enough. This plant will even tolerate a little direct sunlight.

Pet Friendly